Today marks the anniversary of John Lennon‘s birth 40 years ago.  As a kid, I remember seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and was quite taken with the foursome. In elementary school, three of my friends and I started a Beatles lip-sync band complete with wooden microphone stands, wooden guitars, a real drum set, and of course, the proper Beatle attire with pointed black boots, black wigs, black pants, white shirts, and collarless red jackets.

To our amazement, kids would scream as if we were the real thing!  I was George, the quiet one which matches my personality (until I get to know you).  Those were great times until someone – a jealous kid, a distraught teacher, who knows – punctured the drums.  I guess we went on to other interests at that point.  One of the most celebrated songs by John Lennon is “Imagine“.  With all that is happening in the world, it is an appropriate time to hear the song again.  Only this time, a cover by Vermont singer/songwriter, Emily Nyman.  Enjoy!

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